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A Look Back at My First Year on TikTok

I'll be honest...I avoided TikTok for a long time. I thought it was just an app where teens posted dance trends. Boy, was I wrong.

Enter BookTok.

In January of this year, I came upon an article that discussed the wonderful community that is BookTok. It was a breath of fresh air getting to see and interact with other authors and readers. I felt like Dorothy entering Oz for the first time.

I had been struggling to make sales on Twitter or gain followers on Facebook and Instagram. However, TikTok gave me the chance to perform and be my natural goofy self. I've always loved doing voiceovers and quotes, and this app gives me the opportunity to do so.

I quickly learned that I had an audience there. Lots of authors, many of them moms as well, shared in my passions and frustrations with the indie writing experience. Sharing a common passion and bond with others really ignites my creativity.

I found that posts joking about the struggles involved with writing gets the most love. Authors on TikTok are so supportive of each other (aside from your drama here and there that I stay away from). They really aren't as much competition as they are cheerleaders for each other. We're all there for a common goal, so why not share some laughs and tears along the way with one another?

TikTok has connected me with some of the most brilliant creators. BookTok really does feel like a family, and I'm so thankful that I took a chance on it. I found an audience and ideal readers who also took a chance on me and my books. I'll always be grateful for them.

I have learned so much on social media this past year about what I did right and wrong launching my first book back in Dec. 2020. When I released my second book last month, I was able to improve many aspects of my marketing game. One goal of mine is to write faster. I'd love it if I could publish my third book by this summer. Let's hope that happens!

Happy New Year!


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