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Another Great Event!

Good morning!

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to participate in a neighborhood vendor sale again. I said a prayer beforehand (as I often do), and I am happy to say that I sold 11 books! God is so great. I am nothing without Him. I feel so blessed. Everyone was so engaging and fun. The weather was also better this time (except the wind). I really enjoy live events. It's a chance to connect with people in an entirely different way.

I remember the first time I attended a writing expo where authors were selling their books. I didn't have mine published yet, but it fueled my dream. I felt it in my soul. I knew I wanted to be one of them one day. I wanted to be behind a table offering my dream to the world. Haighdlen has been a real place in my mind for years. My characters are like my own children. It's fascinating getting to finally share them with the world.

Events like this also get my inspiration flooding. I have been hard at work writing the second book. I am currently writing chapter 6. I teach full time, so I'm trying to get as much done until the school year starts. After that, it's such a struggle to find time to write. My goal is to have the next book ready within the next 6 months. I think with enough discipline, I can do it. Yesterday, I even had a kind lady return to the sale who told me she purchased my book last time and loved it. She's eager to read the second. I heard two or three similar stories. What a feeling! I now have more ambition and cause for completing the next book.

Thanks to everyone who takes a business card, joins the mailing list, buys a book, reads the sample, or just reaches out/reacts on social media. My readers, and followers, are such an inspiration.


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