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Book 2 Details!

I am so excited to announce the title of my next book! Restoring the Throne is the second installment in The Haighdlen Chronicles series.


After saving the kingdom of Haighdlen and its ruling family from being overthrown, Elise and her friends want nothing more than to return home. Equipped with the diary and a vial of fairy magic, the four prepare to leave as soon as Gavin heals.

When the spy escapes and Gavin goes missing, the remaining three must rely on a charming stranger to help navigate them through the dangers that lie beyond the kingdom.

As Rona’s army grows, more memories and secrets are shared that could threaten the future of Haighdlen and the Laurille family.

Get your copy of the first installment (The Laurille Legacy) today by visiting the Shop page or Amazon! Don't forget to follow me on my social media pages that are located on my website, Happy reading!


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