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Getting Acquainted with Twitter

I've always been active on Facebook. As more and more apps came out, however, I found myself reluctant to use them (Snapchat, Instagram, and even Twitter). I was completely out of the loop. Conversations around me seemed to revolve around the other apps, and when I would try to use it, I'd get confused about their purpose or lack the friend count needed to make it worthwhile. Last year, my school had the entire faculty create Twitter accounts and I was able to understand it more. I sound like a dinosaur, but those are the facts.

Now that I've finished editing a manuscript, what am I learning about the publishing world? That's it's great to have a following. So, I'm going out of my comfort zone here lately and getting onto other social media sites. They're not bad. I'm having the most success on Twitter. It's slow, but steadily climbing.

I was fortunate enough to join the same week as the #SFFpit challenge. While I didn't get any bites, it was an adrenaline rush to watch all the other hungry authors like myself pitching ideas for prospective agents. I was also able to gain 30 followers in one day using two other hashtags. I'm hoping that this not only helps my chances with agents, but that I learn and get to know other aspiring writers. Wish me luck!


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