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How I Chose My Characters' Flaws Part 1: Elise, the Heroine

Just as their relationship is beginning to blossom, Gavin and Elise are separated from each other without warning.

The entire sequel centers around their attempts to find one another and the temptations they encounter along the way.

I really enjoyed writing the sequel more, because it allowed me to dive into their characters more than I had been able to in the first book. I knew what they liked/what they didn't. I knew their goals, and I knew their faults.

I want to focus on those faults. Nobody is perfect, and creating imperfect characters was extremely important to me. I wanted to create characters who you could relate to. Whenever they experience hardship, those flaws come into play and influence how the scene flows.

Gavin and Elise are joined by their friends, Mitch and Darcie. The dynamic between them needed to feel honest. The last thing I wanted was awkward, dry, or detached communication. Let's dive into each of the four main characters:


Elise Laurille

Elise is our heroine. I relate to her more than any other character because of her anxiety. I chose this flaw because it was personal to me. I also suffer from anxiety, and so I felt comfortable writing a character who experiences panic attacks.

While I love writing the more romantic and fantastical scenes, there's something therapeutic about writing those more raw, vulnerable scenes where we see her truly struggle. The scenes where she's alone with Gavin were my favorite to write simply because of the genuine connection the two had regarding her fears and insecurities. It was important for me to create dialogue that centered around this common issue that often makes people feel ashamed or embarrassed. Elise shows us that it's okay and you can still love and believe in yourself. Because of her sense of justice, and love for her family, I think a lot of readers can relate to her as she grows throughout the series.


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