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I'm Back!

It's been quite the hiatus, but life got really busy there for a while (and it's not slowing down). The virtual school year started and it was just as wild and crazy as everyone feared. I was fortunate to be expecting my baby, so I didn't have the same pressures and timelines as other teachers. Please thank a teacher today. They are really working so hard. It was hard to keep composed under pressure to protect the baby when deadlines and expectations came up and switched around daily.

But I just had my baby two weeks ago (she's perfect! My husband, son and I are in love!), and we are in a routine now that has allowed things to simmer down and start thinking about my book again. I am working towards getting an agent, and I won't stop until I do or find the right means towards self publishing. I don't want to give up on my publishing dreams. I have always been goal oriented and have paced out achieving my goals. I wanted a degree (check), I wanted to get married (check), I wanted two children (check), and I want to be published (pending). It will happen. I will speak it into existence. I have faith in my story and just want to hold it in my hand one way or the other. Wish me luck!


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