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My First Event --- A Huge Success!

Today was such a rush! I chose to join a marketplace sale in my neighborhood at the last minute. I didn't really know what to expect, but I chose to prepare as I had seen previous authors do before expos. I set up my table, had a poster made of my book cover, and had 10 paperback copies available beside a stack of business cards. I went over the advice my mentor taught me a few years ago about how to engage and interact with potential readers. (Thank you, Mike!)

It was such a positive experience! Everyone was super friendly and supportive. I received so much warmth and encouragement throughout the entire day and...I completely SOLD OUT of my inventory! I had to come home and order more for next month's sale. I am on cloud nine!

I'll be honest --- I needed this. I have faith in my product, don't get me wrong, but my sales have been dry these last couple of months. Despite marketing online, I was starting to grow discouraged about how to get out there and reach people. Sales and events such as the one today really made me come to life (and it felt great to be among people again!)

I experienced such a thrill when people would stop walking to read my back cover. Most of the people who didn't purchase a copy were still interested in taking a business card or joining my mailing list (still a win in my book!). Thanks! I received an invitation to do a podcast interview! There was a wonderful woman who took my picture with her daughter and her friend. One young woman told me my book looked like just the type of books she loved to read (I hope it is!). I thought my heart would burst from all of the positive attention and opportunities!

Today really gave me a boost of confidence. Thank you to those who purchased a copy! You have no idea what it meant to me. I hope you enjoy visiting Haighdlen as much as I do. Happy reading!


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