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Newsletter Contents and Layout

I've had a tough month an even tougher time trying to figure out what to blog about. I don't like for too much time to pass, but given some personal things going on, I had to put my blog post on pause. I'm happy to report that things are all back on schedule now. That being said, it inspired me to revamp my newsletter to attract more readers.

New Layout, New Name!

As many of you know, writing is a lot of work--especially if you have kids too! My family is my whole world. They bring me such joy, and I feel incredibly blessed. Writing certainly brings a different kind of happiness that fulfills me as well. It is my outlet, my craft, and a passion. I wanted to convey the importance of my writing in a newsletter that would be not only inviting, but also engaging.

In the new layout, you will find the following sections:

Title: The new name of my newsletter, Haighdlen Press, is also my author imprint. It references my fairy-tale/fantasy series, The Haighdlen Chronicles (pronounced: HIDE-LYNN).

Coffee Talk: I start each newsletter with casual talk about how things are going or thoughts I want to share.

Currently Writing: This section highlights the projects that I'm working on.

Tips for Writers: This section is brand new. Each month I will include a writer's tip that has helped me along the way.

Reading: I include the book(s) I'm reading, the books I plan to read, and also open it up for your suggestions!

How to Follow Me: Links are provided to follow me on social media. I am most active in TikTok, but I do post on all sites included.

A Link to This Blog: This one speaks for itself. :)

If that sounds interesting to you, sign up for my mailing list so that you can gain entry to the Newsletter/Projects page on my website. You will be sent a password that will give you exclusive access to monthly newsletters and current writing projects.

As always, thank you for reading! Be sure to grab your copy of The Laurille Legacy (The Haighdlen Chronicles, Book 1) today!

Visit my website at and follow me on social media (links are on the Contact page)! I look forward to connecting with you! :)


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