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Oh, So That's How That Works...

TikTok, BookTok, Followers, and Likes

I find myself checking on the stats of my posts quite frequently. It's probably unhealthy. Do I care? No. It's because I really want to do this right. I do it mostly for the pure joy it brings me. I know better than to do anything for the money or "fame" alone.

I write because I love it. I love how it makes me feel. I'm passionate about creating characters who are relatable. My books are stories that I enjoy reading. It's not a chore for me to write. It's an opportunity. Being a mom, it's an opportunity that doesn't have a consistent schedule, but one that I fit into my day nonetheless in some fashion. Some days I can get to the keyboard. Some days I just have to go over scenes and dialogue in my head. I absolutely love being a mom, so I wouldn't change a thing about my life.

A new addition to my life is the world of BookTok. What a world it is...

Fellow authors and readers come together daily to connect about the works they love. While there can be drama or frustrations, the vast majority of this world is a bunch of us being silly and confident enough to be ourselves. Finding others to connect with brings about such happiness. You don't feel odd for loving the things you do. You feel inspired and encouraged to be your true self.

I joined TikTok in January. I had put it off for a long time not knowing what all it had to offer. I reluctantly joined after several marketing articles stressed the importance of having an account. My first thought upon discovering BookTok was how could I have not known about this? It's everything I've wanted as far as making author friends.

My views are growing daily, and I'm familiarizing myself more and more with the ever-changing trends. I try to post 2-3 times a day when possible. However, with the good must come a little bad...

It's addicting.

I find myself checking my videos, the like counts and comments, multiple times a day. Luckily, I'm in the same boat as countless others doing the exact same thing. Again, it's encouraging and positive.


Something new I've just learned about (I know I'm way late to the game) is Linktree, the ability to have multiple links listed under one. So, instead of only my author site, I can post my linktree link, which gives viewers the chance to either click on my site, my BookTok wish list, my Goodreads account, and a link to buy my book if they want. It's honestly a dream come true, and I hate I'm just now learning about it.


Marketing is weird that way. There's so much to learn, that right when I start to feel like I'm making progress, something else comes my way and I'm blindsided. The downside is so much out there costs money, which I don't have much of. So, it's a slow and steady game for me at the moment. I only have one book published, but I remember the days when all I wanted to do was hold that book. Completing a novel is a major accomplishment, and I hate when I degrade myself by saying, "I only have one". I tell myself that's still impressive.

I'm working on the sequel now and have a few standalone projects in the works as well. I am also trying to grow my mailing list for my monthly newsletters. Learning more about marketing from others on my social media platforms only inspires me and lets me know that it's okay not to understand everything at once.

One thing at a time.

An author's platform is like a work of art. It's never truly finished, and you'll always find ways you could add or make it better. Let's not forget the major lesson that someone is always going to be better than you, and if you strive to be the best of the best, you'll more than likely fall short.

I've learned to be happy where I am and where I'm going. And with my author and reader friends by my side, I know I'll succeed.

Thank you.

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