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Surgery Recovery

Surgery is rough. Luckily, my recovery has been smooth. I have lots of support around me, and I no longer need to be on medicine around the clock. Whew!

I was fortunate that I didn't need to skip a newsletter. As expected, I've slowed down in my writing given everything going on. However, I am back at it and hoping to get the ball rolling again. I am planning two series at the moment, so my motivation is strong!

An exciting announcement is that I finally got my BookTok crown! It was love at first sight when I was looking up different crowns, and so I bought this one right away. I'm so excited to wear it!

I'm trying to use this recovery time as a way to force me to finish editing my audiobook. All of the recording is finished. I'm trimming it for quality control and uploading it as I go. I'm halfway done! :) I am also trying to get better at actually sitting down and reading books as well. I am reading The Duke and I as well as The Never King. I don't usually read two books at once, but both have me hooked, so it's been really enjoyable.

Thanks for understanding the quietness of this last month, and I look forward to sharing more news next month! Happy reading! :)

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