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My name is Mary S. Catlin, and I write romantic fantasy (Romantasy) novels. I've had a passion for writing since I was very young. 

I started drafting what would become The Haighdlen Chronicles trilogy in 2007. This year, that trilogy will be completed. My other books will be set in the same universe.


I write for the hopeless romantics and dreamers out there who need a good fairy tale in their lives. Happily Ever Afters are a must in all my books.  




Authors: Jane Austen, Julia Quinn & J.K. Rowling

Books: Pride & Prejudice, The Viscount Who Loved Me, Baby, It's Cold Outside, The Harry Potter series

Book Genres: Fantasy, Historical Fiction, and Romance 

Places: The beach and Disney World

TV Shows: Friends, Bridgerton, and The Office

Movies: Pride & Prejudice (1995 Miniseries), Beauty and the Beast, The 10th Kingdom, Ever After, Hook, Labyrinth, and just about every romantic comedy, musical, and Disney animated film out there! 

Current Obsession: Bridgerton 

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