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Restoring the Throne picks up right where The Laurille Legacy ends. 

Each day, Rona’s army becomes stronger, and war is on the horizon. Haighdlen is once again cloaked in scandal after Gavin goes missing with the diary. 


Enlisting the help of a charming stranger, Elise and her friends venture beyond the kingdom to recover Gavin before it’s too late.


Can Elise and Gavin navigate through the mounting dangers and temptations to find one another again? Only time, and magic, will tell. Absence makes the heart grow daring. . .


Restoring the Throne is the second installment in The Haighdlen Chronicles series.


What Readers Are
Saying About
The Laurille Legacy: 

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“I was not ready for this book! It was excellent. The character development was superb, beautifully written it pulls you in quickly. Really got female Harry Potter vibes in the best way! I will definitely be following the series!”


“Such a beautiful story, beautifully crafted characters, pure magic…The book was interesting from start to finish and it gave me everything I was looking for, interesting characters and great story. 5 ⭐️ for me.”


This book was so fantastic!! I loved the imagery. A good book makes me feel like I’m watching a movie and this one certainly did that. It had just the right amount of magic with all its twists and turns. I can’t wait for the sequel!!


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About the Book 

Turning a page was never more dangerous…

The royal family of Haighdlen has a legacy to protect. After being overthrown, the kingdom’s only hope lies within the pages of a diary kept by Joranna Laurille during her reign as queen. Refusing to accept Haighdlen’s fate, Joranna reunites her estranged family to send someone back in time to find the spy responsible.

Shocked by her magical lineage, Elise Laurille gets more than she bargained for when she is chosen to enter the diary. Joined by her friends—and crush, Gavin—Elise embarks on a journey that will define the Laurille family’s legacy forever. She just has to open the portal…


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