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Welcome to Mary's Desk


Hello there! Please excuse the mess. This is my creative space. Feel free to take a look around. This is where I will share notes/sketches and a behind-the-scenes look into my projects. 


My notebook is where I plot out my chapters before I write them. Sometimes I even write scenes if I can't get to my computer. Browse through some of my notes. This section also includes notes about characters, scenes, and personal thoughts while writing. 


My sketchbook is where I draw my favorite characters and scenes. Some of these drawings were done long before I published the actual book. 

I have to have music playing when I write. I listen to a variety of music, and it's hard to pinpoint a definite playlist (since my tastes change from time to time). However, this playlist includes the songs that have taken me to Haighdlen every single time. Some remind me of the place itself while others remind me of a certain character, couple, or scene. I hope you enjoy. :) 

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