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The Carriage Scene...Bridgerton S3 Review (Beware: Spoilers)

Let me begin by saying I stayed up until 1:30am watching all of part 1 in one sitting. Was I tired the next day at work? You bet. Was it worth it? Definitely. I'm afraid I don't have the self control as the ones waiting for part 2 to release before watching this season.

Without further ado, here are my pros and cons of part 1. (SPOILERS AHEAD)

Top 3 PROS:

There are many. As always, the fashion, gossip, and tension did not disappoint. Our little Colin Bridgerton has definitely grown up upon his return to Mayfair this season. Boy, is he a FLIRT. The way he saunters up to his family, winks at the ladies, and flaunts his newfound confidence is infectious. He is certainly dashing, perhaps even more so, because we all know he's about to grovel and learn his lesson from last season (if you don't remember, he was overheard by Penelope saying he would never, ever court her).

3. Penelope is Taking Control of her Own Life

Does anyone else think of Cinderella's stepsisters whenever Prudence and Phillipa are on screen? I think that's intentional, however, they certainly are making it difficult to stay around. Penelope is eager to marry for the sole purpose of getting away from her irritating family. I am close to my own family, but you can definitely feel the ache in her heart when Lady Featherington says Penelope always being around brings her comfort. From that moment on, Penelope takes charge. First comes the gowns, hair, and makeup. Then comes her grand entrance that stuns the entire ballroom. I loved this scene, especially the soundtrack! Giving up her childish crush on Colin, she is on the prowl for whoever fits in the shoes of Mr. Get Me Out of the Featherington House.

2. "Helping" to Find a Husband

It is so delicious when characters think it's going to be an innocent path to helping one or the other find a partner. Colin, the swash-buckling good guy that he is, offers to help Penelope find a husband by giving her "charm" lessons. Our sweet, silly Penelope unfortunately needs quite a lot of help, but it lends itself to comical scenes. However, that leads to the sexy, brooding Colin that we know and love. From Simon, to Anthony, and now Colin, the brooding hero is my favorite hero. Possessive stares, obsessing thoughts, erotic name it. I'm here for it. I especially loved how an instrumental cover of "Jealous" plays in the background as Colin watches Penelope flirt during the balls.

  1. The CARRIAGE!!!!!!!!

(Obviously not the movie one, but I still thought it was pretty)

Yes, that is 8 exclamation points. The final scene of part 1 leaves viewers wanting more, as it should. Not only is the music fitting, but the chemistry between these two is intoxicating. If you haven't watched any interviews or behind-the-scenes, I encourage you to, because their energy is HOT on and off screen. I have rewatched this scene multiple times and get something different from it each time. It has everything you could want: lust, love, honesty, and sweetness. While there is undoubtedly more drama ahead, seeing these two tie the knot and really get to know each other is going to be incredible to watch. The actors have admitted to breaking a piece of furniture, remaining undressed between takes, and even going longer than expected while filming. Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?


While there weren't many, I did have to include the things I wasn't as keen on.

Colin the Rake?

While we need to see that he has grown and matured into a man, there was something off putting seeing Colin act like his brothers and other leads. The brothel scenes, for instance. At times, it felt forced and cringy. However, I also think this was intentional, but Colin also looked uncomfortable during some visits. It is hinted multiple times that he was trying to live up to everyone else's standards of what he should be rather than who is really is. I was happy to see him embrace his true, sensitive self.


Don't get me wrong. I am thrilled that they are together now. The carriage scene was my top favorite scene. However, I've read other reviews that felt the same as me. There are so many storylines going on (Frescesca, Mr. and Mrs. Mondrich, the Penelope/Eloise fued, the pregnany plotline...etc) that Penelope and Colin were put on the back burner at times when they should have been front and center. I get that the pieces are all going to meet, and hopefully set us up for season 4, but it felt rushed. I really wanted to feel Colin hurting, burning, obsessing over Penelope. I felt a little let down at how quick it seemed to happen. It felt as if he taught her once or twice, said he couldn't anymore, had a dream, watched her dance, and then declared his love. Honestly, if he hadn't said "weeks" in his speech, I would've guessed a few days. However, I'm not complaining as I thought it was perfect and had all the emotions present. As stated before, I just love the pining, aching, deprived stage (Mr. Darcy, Stefan Salvatore, Anthony Bridgerton, Simon Bassett...etc.) These leads certainly delivered and I was impressed by their glow ups. I just want more. :)

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts and reactions to part 1.

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